We have a new upgrade for the NF-1 / NF-1m software editor ready at our download page! The editor already got updated recently, together with the new OS14 upgrade, but we improved it further to v4. What's new?

  • We added an MPE Thru switch: Before, all incoming MIDI messages from a DAW were all transferred to a single midi channel of the NF-1(m). That's convenient when working in a DAW, you don't have to match your keyboard's midi channel with the NF-1(m)'s. But of course, that made cooperation with an MPE keyboard impossible (Roli Seaboard, Linnstrument, ...), because MPE exactly relies on using many different midi channels. So now, there's the MPE Thru switch, to turn this behaviour on or off. When ON, midi channels aren't converted, so you can make full use of an MPE keyboard. When OFF, midi channel is converted, which is more convenient when using a regular midi keyboard.
  • We also added a second MIDI input in the Standalone version, for an easy connection of a keyboard to play while editing sounds.
  • Midi connection combo boxes are updated when new midi devices are connected or disconnected. No need to restart the editor any more...


What settings and connections do you have to make to get full use of the editor?

  • First, make a bidirectional connection between your NF-1(m) and computer. Connect both MIDI IN and OUT of the NF-1(m) to the computer, or use the USB connector.
  • Then, get into the SYSTEM SETTINGS of your NF-1(m) and set:
    • CtrlChangeRx: ON (Control Change receive enabled)
    • SysexRx: ON (Sysex receive enabled)
    • CtrlChangeTx: ON (NF-1(m) sends Control Changes when turning a knob)
  • Install the editor: download and unzip it, copy the plugin file to your system's plugin folder
  • Launch the editor
  • Match the MIDI devices in the editor. When connected with USB, the MIDI Input and Output selection should be set automatically
  • Match the MIDI channel with the NF-1's. This setting can be found in the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu
  • If you want to use an MPE keyboard, match the MPE settings in the SYSTEM SETTINGS with the keyboard settings. E.g. 01,02-16 for base channel 1, and note channels 2 to 16.
  • Select the Keyboard MIDI input, if you are using the Standalone editor
  • Toggle the MPE Thru switch on or off in the editor, ON for MPE, OFF for regular keyboards
  • Press GET in the editor to get the present patch from the NF-1(m) into the editor, or press SEND to do the reverse

Download the upgraded version for Mac OSX, Linux and Win here:

  • Mac OS X: Standalone and Audio Unit are here, version v5
  • Linux: Standalone editor is here, version v5
  • Windows: Standalone and VST3 editor are here, version v5


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